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10-16-2012: Investors seek billion-dollar payday as Vringo v. Google trial begins by Joe Mullin in Ars Technica

Surprise! Consumer 2.0 In China Wants Unknown Brands by Sonya Madden in Jing Dailiy

04-17-2012: LTVtrade Adds Diane Casey-Landry to its Board of Advisors in PRNewswire

03-28-2012: Trademark squatting in China doesn't sit well with U.S. retailers by David Pierson, Los Angeles Times

03-08-2012: The Honorable Michael G. Oxley Joins the LTVtrade Board of Advisors
in PRNewswire

Meyer "Sandy" Frucher Joins the LTVtrade Board of Advisors in The Business Journals

11-28-2011: Had Enough of 'Made in China'? Get Ready For 'Brands From China'by Avi Dan, Contributor, Forbes

05-25-2010: Beijing tries to push beyond 'Made in China' status to find name-brand innovation by John Pomfret, Washington Post Staff Writer

10-28-2002: Silicon Dreams: Can Vietnam become the next Silicon Valley? by the Vietnam Investment Review