Services Offered

We specialize in converting promising concepts to commercial reality and financial success. As an investor, partner, or strategic advisor, AxamTrade can help you bring your product or service to market.

For companies seeking to globalize their supply chain, we can help you identify and collaborate with alliance partners or access specialized expertise, technology, and capital sources to build a sustainable cross-border presence.

AxamTrade Solutions:
Our solutions are based on proprietary knowledge and methods and we offer access to unique expertise and tools. We work with our clients and partners on their most critical issues and greatest opportunities. Our solution set includes:

Start-up Incubation
The challenges associated with starting up a company are daunting and new entrepreneurs often hear conflicting messages about whether or not to attempt it. Successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists may advise that “Great Ideas are a Dime a Dozen” yet research indicates that up to 75% of the value of US public companies may be based on their ideas and intellectual property. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years yet small businesses and garage inspired inventors are the foundations of American enterprise and innovation.

For start-up companies seeking to validate or advance an innovative business concept, seeking to commercialize unique intellectual property, or seeking ways to accelerate growth, AxamTrade works seamlessly with management to help you achieve important milestones and to cross the chasm from great idea to successful venture. In most arrangements, we will work under a defined, short-term scope of work yet will remain involved and committed to seeing your vision succeed over the long term.

Advisory Services
AxamTrade works with mature companies seeking to break into new markets by first helping them determine the right strategy for doing so. Developing a strategy requires an in-depth evaluation of the company’s position relative to opportunities and threats, and we specialize in helping a company understand market-entry opportunities in the context of acquisition or development of a brand identity. Once a strategy has been formulated, AxamTrade works with clients as an extension of their team to develop and execute against an implementation plan.

The Brand It Globally™ (BIG) Platform
AxamTrade works in joint venture with select, early stage or mature companies with promising innovation or unique capabilities and that seek to create a brand identity while simultaneously entering a new market. We offer a suite of proprietary tools and turnkey services that bring value and transparency to our JV partnerships throughout the brand and market development process. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships with perfectly aligned interests and incentives.